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Product Matrices

Specific and customized products for every oilfield challenges. For more information on these or other products or capabilities, please contact us.

Drilling & Completion Products

Biocides15 registered biocides in liquid or solid form
Bit LubricitySurfactants & sticks
BreakersOxidative and enzyme breakers for wide range temperatures
Buffers pH ControlPotassium- and caustic-based pH control
Clay ControlPermanent & temporary clay stabilizers designed for anionic and cationic systems
Corrosion InhibitorsBrine and mud-based corrosion inhibitors
CrosslinkersInstant & delayed for wide range of temperatures
Friction ReducersEmulsion (anionic & cationic) and dry
Gel StabilizerHigh-temperature gel extender
Gelling AgentsGuars & xanthan slurries
H2S ScavengersSpecialty triazine & non-triazine
Mutual SolventMutual Solvent
Non-Emulsifiers & SurfactantsAnionic, cationic, non-ionic & micro-emulsions
Packer FluidPreservation packages
Pipe on PipeWith corrosion inhibitor
Scale ControlPhosphonates & polymers
ViscosifiersAcid-gelling agents, acid emulsifiers

Oil & Gas Production & Transmission Products

AntifoulantsOrganic & inorganic dispersants for gas & oil process systems
Atmospheric TreatmentPipe & rod storage anti-corrosion
BiocidesEPA registered
CO2 & CO ScavengersFlare & gas treating
Corrosion InhibitorsOil, gas & water inhibitors
DefoamersOil, condensate & water defoamers
Deposit RemovalMineral scales, iron solids, paraffin & wellbore skin damage remediation
Emulsion BreakersOil dehydration, flowback & viscosity reduction
FoamersGas well deliquification
H2S ScavengersSpecialty triazine & non-triazine
Hot Oil/Water AdditivesDispersants & inhibitors to improve returns
Hydrate InhibitorsEfficient hydrate control to improve methanol applications
Mineral Scale ControlInhibitors, dispersants & chelates used in batch, squeezed, continuous applications
Oxygen ScavengersWater and gas scavengers
Paraffin and Asphaltene ControlRange of inhibitors, dispersants & solvents
Salt ControlHalite control & oil desalting
Steam Flood ProgramsSilica dispersion, boiler and feedwater programs
Water Clarifiers & Reverse BreakersWide range of water treatment and solids control






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