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Acid Stimulation

Jacam Catalyst offers exceptional stimulation products through our Stimwrx product line. All of our stimulation products come in an all-in-one finished product that contains iron control, corrosion inhibition, water-wetting chemistries, anti-sludge/surfactant, and non-emulsifier agents. We focus on organic growth by engineering treatments to replace 15% HCl without affecting your bottom line.

  • Turn-key trucking and pumping
  • More successful than typical 90/10 acid jobs
  • Extensive amounts of case histories with proven results

Our full-time StimWRX production engineers are dedicated to designing effective treatments while utilizing a superior acid system, optimal treatment size, and application. They are able to identify and evaluate your success and failures. With over 10,000 case histories as a reference to help target candidate wells, our production engineers are focused on program development and analysis.

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