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Flow Assurance

Paraffin, mineral scales, iron deposits, biological residue, and other solids naturally precipitate out of fluid and accumulate, clogging well equipment and causing operational difficulties, downtime, and loss of production and efficiency.

Jacam Catalyst can treat these issues with our specialized products that inhibit or change the structure of these solids, allowing them to flow through the system without hindering flow and production. Our thorough testing and data analysis enables us to recommend the optimal chemical treatment to control deposits. These chemical treatments and products may include:

  • Paraffin & Asphaltene Inhibitors, Dispersants and Solvents
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Iron Sulfide and Black Water Control
  • Hydrate Inhibitors
  • Antifoulants
  • Halite Inhibition
  • Wellbore and Tank Bottom Clean Up Packages
  • Surfactants
  • EPA-registered biocides
  • Oxidizers

Optimized Production

Jacam Catalyst knows that investing in chemical treatment must make sense to your bottom line. We’ll work with you to find the right combination of chemical treatments to improve production and leave you with more profitable operations.

  • Wellbore Remediation

Jacam Catalyst uniquely offers a superior treatment program known as Revive®. The Revive® treatment features a product specially formulated with nanotechnology, enabling it to clean formations without damaging them and reestablish permeability.

  • Solids Removal

We have many proven treatment options for solids removal and deposit control.

  • Foamers

Our line of foamers raise water buildup from the wellbore to the surface so wells can return to normal production.

Fluids Separation

Jacam Catalyst knows that your bottom line depends on production of high-quality oil that meets sales specification. Oil with too much water emulsified in it will fail to meet these specifications and cannot be sold.

When oil is carried over into produced water, the customer loses out on the profitability of the wasted oil. Oil-water separation is critical to provide clean water that meets specifications for disposal wells and maintains disposal well injectivity.

Jacam Catalyst fluids separation specialists will quickly determine the best program to ensure that on-spec oil and water treatment is provided. Often, a custom chemistry is developed to ensure low-cost and reliable oil- and water-treating needs are met.


  • Emulsion breakers
  • Reverse emulsion breakers
  • Defoamers
  • Water clarifiers

Integrity Management

Uncontrolled bacteria, H2S and corrosion problems lead to equipment failure and unplanned and expensive operating repair and maintenance that interrupt production. They also present safety and environmental hazards. Jacam Catalyst’s products help protect your investment in your capital equipment and keep your wells flowing and surface facilities operating

We offer:

  • Traditional Triazine and Proprietary H2S Scavengers
  • Oil-Soluble H2S Scavengers
  • EPA-Registered Biocides
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Proprietary Binary Corrosion Inhibitors

Solid Chemistry

System Saver® Pellets and Smart Balls® are solid chemistry products formulated with the same chemistries found in liquids. They are weighted to fall through fluid and treat problems in wells and in surface equipment.

Benefits include:

  • Slowly release a continuous, long-term chemical treatment
  • Invaluable in locations where liquid chemistries are difficult to apply
  • When used in the proper application, System Saver® Pellets are a more cost-effective solution than liquid chemistry
  • No chemical pump or tank. Batch and Monitor
  • Unlike liquid chemicals, no risk of a spill or environmental contamination
  • Effective in treating both sweet and sour systems

All of our Solid Chemistry Products are available in formulations for:

  • Water Treatment & Solids Control
  • Corrosion Inhibition
  • Scale Control
  • Paraffin Control
  • Salt Removal
  • Bacteria (Registered Biocides)
  • Well and tank clean up

Smart Balls®

Smart Balls® are an excellent choice for treating natural gas or crude oil pipelines. Used alone or followed by pigging, Smart Balls® dissolve in low-lying areas of settled water and provide a release of chemicals such as corrosion inhibitor or EPA-registered biocides. When followed by a pig, Smart Balls® create a film coating for maintained corrosion protection.

Smart Balls® are also effective in treating stagnant fluid in storage tanks, when a long-term, slow-release application is needed.

System Saver® Pellets

System Saver® Pellets are ideal for downhole treatment. They are designed to treat the fluid in the column and settle below the pump, thus treating the rat hole and stagnant fluid in the well. As the fluids flow out of the perforations, a portion falls to the rat hole and exchanges with chemically treated fluids from the pellets, along for continuous, long-term treatment. System Saver® Pellets do not require pumps or circulation, which means no extra equipment costs and no lost production.

Oil & Gas Production & Transmission Products

AntifoulantsOrganic & inorganic dispersants for gas & oil process systems
Atmospheric TreatmentPipe & rod storage anti-corrosion
BiocidesEPA registered
CO2 & CO ScavengersFlare & gas treating
Corrosion InhibitorsOil, gas & water inhibitors
DefoamersOil, condensate & water defoamers
Scale Prevention and RemovalMineral scales, iron solids, paraffin & wellbore skin damage remediation
Emulsion BreakersOil dehydration, flowback & viscosity reduction
FoamersGas well deliquification
H2S ScavengersSpecialty triazine & non-triazine
Hot Oil/Water AdditivesDispersants & inhibitors to improve returns
Hydrate InhibitorsEfficient hydrate control to improve methanol applications
Oxygen ScavengersWater and gas scavengers
Paraffin and Asphaltene ControlRange of inhibitors, dispersants & solvents
Salt ControlHalite control & oil desalting
Steam Flood ProgramsSilica dispersion, boiler and feedwater programs
Water Clarifiers & Reverse BreakersWide range of water treatment and solids control






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