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We provide the most innovative products on the market including drilling, production, stimulation, pipeline, and other specialty chemical needs.

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Products & Solutions

Drilling and Completion Chemicals

Providing state-of-the-art chemical applications for protection on drill pipe against scale, corrosion, oxygen, and H2S.

Products & Solutions

Oil and Gas Production

Providing chemical solutions downhole to maximize production and reduce equipment maintenance.

Products & Solutions

Pipeline Chemicals

Our approach to pipeline treatment identifies High-Consequence Areas (HCAs) and predicts internal corrosion by flow modeling, biological studies, and deposit analysis.

Products & Solutions

SWD and Water Injection

Supplying chemicals to increase SWD efficiency by focusing on water quality before injection. Minimizing tank cleanouts and well-stimulation through the control of solids/organics.

Products & Solutions

Acid Stimulation

All of our stimulation chemistries come in an all-in-one finished product that contains iron control, corrosion inhibition, water-wetting chemistries, anti-sludge/surfactant, and non-emulsifier agents.

Products & Solutions

Product Matrices

Specific and customized products for every oilfield challenges. For more information on these or other products or capabilities, please contact us.






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