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Chemical Solutions, Speedy Signage and Stylish Glass

America’s Permian Basin is vast and blessed with high-grade petroleum. It’s also known for great companies serving the 86,000 square mile oil-rich terra firma. We visit Jacam Catalyst, the largest chemical production company in the Permian Basin and second largest in the U.S.

Odessa American

Chemical manufacturer expands

Based at Gardendale, oilfield chemical manufacturer Jacam Catalyst is adding 16 acres of land and 18,000 square feet of operational space to give it 65 acres and 90,000 square feet at 11999 Highway 158.

Midland reporter Telegram

Jacam Catalyst completes most recent expansion

Surging Permian Basin oil and natural gas production is prompting expansion at the companies that support that output.

American Oil and Gas Reporter

Better Chemistries Unlock Production

Building completion and stimulation fluids robust enough for increasingly challenging environments will mean conducting tests to identify chemistries that can deliver performance without damaging the formation

Midland Reporter Telegram

Jacam Catalyst triples size of oilfield chemicals lab

Heading to Gardendale on State Highway 158, locate alongside other oilfield facilities, is Jacam Catalyst, an oilfield chemical manufacturer and service provider.

American Oil and Gas Reporter

Experimentation Reveals More Effective Chemistries And Deployment Techniques

When construction forces drivers to take detours, they occasionally enjoy the new route more than the old.

Resource in Focus

National Reach, Personalized Service

Chemical service company, Jacam Catalyst, has a strong national presence with offices in more than fifty locations throughout the country.

American Oil and Gas Reporter

Powerful Chemistries Pair Attractive Returns With Environmental Gains

According to a survey by Ipsos, only 22% of the world’s population considers the oil and gas industry trustworthy.

Offshore Mag

OTC 2023: Proflow Solutions wades into deepwater market

After Jacam Catalyst’s acquisition, Proflow has expanded its internal laboratory, which specializes in developing products for deepwater applications.






11999 East Highway 158
Gardendale, TX 79758
Phone: (432) 563-0727
Fax: (432) 224-1038