Providing state-of-the-art chemical application for protection on drill pipe against scale, corrosion, oxygen and H2S.



Jacam Catalyst provides a unique and state-of-the-art chemical application for protection on drill pipe against various types of corrosion, scale, oxygen, and H2S attack. The trailer-mounted totes contain specific chemicals needed for drilling in the specific environment. Electric chemical pumps are mounted on the trailer, the chemical line secured and the chemical is then slowly slipstreamed into the drilling mud over a 24-hour period.

Rates and applications are easily adjusted, and no handling, mixing, or manual application is required. Tailored application of the chemical is achieved through adjustment of the pump rate. Chemical slugs after drill pipe trips are achieved by increasing the rate for a short period of time.

Account managers will visit the well site location a minimum of twice per week. Various routine testing is performed on location. Testing includes but is not limited to pH levels, H2S ppm, dissolved oxygen ppm, chlorides, and total hardness. Computer-generated reports – including updated inventory control, chemical cost, recommendations, and testing analysis – are provided at each rig visit.


Jacam Catalyst provides all products and equipment needed for optimal fluids management during fracturing operations. Our chemistry and equipment provide the viscosity and lubricity needed for today’s extended reach clean-outs. The product line includes viscosifiers (guar and xanthan), pipe on pipe lubricants, friction reducers, and dyes to optimize the debris removal and horsepower requirements for coiled tubing operations.

Our chem-add uses a modular pumping system that is sized to the application rather than using a one-size-fits-all pump and flow meter. This allows for extremely accurate pump rates and chemical usage (variance less than +/- 0.5% is the typical target). The Jacam Catalyst Chem-Add system is hydraulic and low voltage. Continuous application for injection rates from 0.05 – 10.0 GPT (gallons per thousand) is possible with our Chem-Add System. We utilize customized manifolds to inject the chemical, either before the frac tanks or between the frac tanks and blender.


Jacam Catalyst provides all products necessary for slickwater, cross-linked, or acid fracturing. This includes but is not limited to guar slurries (varying guar loading available), KCl Substitutes, non-emulsifiers, cross-linkers, breakers, scale inhibitors, biocides, surfactants, cation/anion friction reducers, acid corrosion inhibitors, and micro-emulsions.

All recommendations can be provided with the necessary pre-qualification testing, such as high pressure/temperature rheology, friction-reducer loop evaluation, surface tension evaluation, emulsion tendency, kill study, and scale inhibition testing. Products can be provided in totes or ISOs depending upon the logistics required. We aim to tailor the fluid system to provide cost-effective solutions that enhance the stimulation treatment.


Jacam Catalyst builds and operates our fleet of mixing plants and filter pods for drill out operations. All equipment is designed for full redundancy to ensure minimal downtime during the job. This enables the unit to operate even in the event of pump failures. Units range from small with 2-25bbl tubs to the 2-40bbl tub units. These tubs are treated with a chemical that is metered continuously with pumps based on flow rates to prevent pressure dips and spikes that occur with standard bucketing operations.

Since the chemical is metered, reports can be generated with real-time chemical doses, slug information, and flow rates. The larger tubs also allow for full product hydration even in the coldest waters. Our mixing plant operators are very knowledgeable with our chemistries and normally aid with field problem solving to minimize stuck pipe.

Product research and development is performed in West Texas with an in house Chandler flow loop, lubricity tester, sliding friction tester, viscometers, and full scale 5 ½ casing loop to test gel sweep performance. This is in addition to the full laboratory services offered by Jacam Catalyst

Drilling & Completion Products

Application Type
Biocides 15 registered biocides in liquid or solid form
Bit Lubricity Surfactants & sticks
Breakers Oxidative and enzyme breakers for wide range temperatures
Buffers pH Control Potassium- and caustic-based pH control
Gelling Agents Guars & xanthan slurries
Corrosion Inhibitors Brine and mud-based corrosion inhibitors
Crosslinkers Instant & delayed for wide range of temperatures
Friction Reducers Emulsion (anionic & cationic) and dry
Gel Stabilizer High-temperature gel extender
Application Type
Iron Control Organic acids & chelants
H2S Scavengers Specialty triazine & non-triazine
Clay Control Permanent & temporary clay stabilizers designed for anionic and cationic systems
Mutual Solvent Mutual Solvent
Non-Emulsifiers & Surfactants Anionic, cationic, non-ionic & micro-emulsions
Packer Fluid Preservation packages
Pipe on Pipe With corrosion inhibitor
Scale Control Phosphonates & polymers
Viscosifiers Acid-gelling agents, acid emulsifiers

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